1 September 2017

31/08/2017 September outturn at Cadenhead's

Glad to be back, after missing the August one, on account of a key travel. It is a full house, tonight, and we will hardly fit around the giant table. Equally difficult it is to divide 10cl samples between 13 people. We do manage, though, mostly in good spirit (with a spate of unavoidable teasing).

Auchentoshan 25yo 1992/2017 (44.8%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Barrel, 196b): nose: grape and cherry juice. Mouth: boiled sweets, honey and flowers. Finish: boiled sweets again, fruit, powdered sugar. It has a gentle bitterness towards the end. Some find it good... for an Auchentoshan. Unfair, I say. This will remain my favourite of the new outturn, tonight. 8/10

Invergordon 43yo 1973/2017 (51.3%, Cadenhead Single Cask 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Barrel, 222b): this came out last month, but there is an open bottle and it is kindly offered -- who are we to refuse? Nose: fruity pastry, polished wood and caramel. Mouth: superb balance, with roasted wood and toasted coconut. Finish: lovely pastry and a hint of metal. Good grain, though I think I was expecting more out of something of that age. 8/10

Glenturret 29yo 1987/2017 (42.1%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 150b): this is the one I am most looking forward to. There has not been a Glenturret for a while, and the latest few I have had were spectacular -- remember the Rattray one, last year. What will this give? Nose: wine-y at first, it soon opens up to reveal ripe fruit (raspberries and yellow plums). Mouth: soft and mellow. The quantity I get does not allow me for very abundant notes, I am afraid. Finish: very gentle, delicate, subdued. Apple compote and pear juice. Good, once past the wine-y nose (JS hates that), but it seems very subtle. Perhaps too subtle. Is the sequence at fault? 7/10

Glen Scotia 25yo 1992/2017 (44%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 186b): the party was called in to decide on the order, and it is a little puzzling to me. Nae bother. Nose: fruit in cow dung. Definitely cow dung. Farmyard, then liquorice. Mouth: liquorice allsorts aplenty, here. Finish: more liquorice allsorts. The nose is interesting (for countryside lovers), the rest is meh if, like myself, one does not care for liquorice. Still rather funny. 6/10

Ben Nevis 18yo 1998/2017 (50.2%, Cadenhead Rum Cask 175th Anniversary, Rum Cask, 210b): nose: muddy fruit, then mint, basil... and more mud. Mouth: dusty, with crushed, dried leaves. Finish: more dust, earth and weird fruit. More interesting than really enjoyable, but it is pleasant enough. 6/10

Ord 21yo 1996/2017 (55.7%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 252): lots of puns about this being served in the wrong Ord-er, and how one can Ord-er it online as early as tomorrow. Nose: mint chewing gum. The green ones. Mouth: peppermint chewing gum. Finish: very, very minty. Not for me, this. A bit of a one-trick pony. At the same time, if one loves minty chewing gum, this is the One. 5/10

Aberfeldy 21yo 1996/2017 (54.6%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 270b): nose: rancid butter, wine turning into vinegar, then sugary water. Mouth: acidic, with lemon gone wrong. Finish: hard, acidic, lemon-y, it has a slightly redeeming hint of custard lingering in the finish. 5/10

Glen Keith 42yo 1973/2015 (45.8%, Cadenhead Cask End, Bourbon Hogshead): a sample from the vaults, and one that many tonight have not tried. Good to have this opportunity. Nose: buttercups, chamomile, pineapple chamomile, hay, and a touch of leather. Mouth: honey, daffodils, pineapple chamomile. Finish: long, with flowers, yellow-flesh fruits and ginger. This is great. It would likely score better in different circumstances. 8/10

Glenburgie-Glenlivet 24yo 1993/2017 (53%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Refill Claret Hogshead, 216b): my second-most anticipated dram tonight. After trying the wonderful 25yo "shop label," for which notes will appear on this blog in the future, I am impatient to find out if this similar beast is as good. 'Similar' is a strong word; after all, and despite the Authentic Collection label, this is a wine maturation. Nose: ample, it has buttery fruit, melting pears, roasted hazelnuts and pastry. Mouth: soft, silky with a pinch of white pepper, it also has a touch of hay and pillow-y feathers. Finish: dark-chocolate mousse. Completely unexpected. Wow. This is very nice. 8/10

Tomintoul 11yo 2006/2017 (57.2%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Barrel, 240b): it seems odd to me to finish with a non-peated eleven-year-old, but fine. Let us go with the will of the people. Nose: Menthos freshness and oak -- lots of both. Mouth: nutty and nougat-y, ginger-y, peppery. Finish: hot, with ginger and too much wood for me. 4/10

Cosy around the table

Various samples are produced, namely a Linlithgow, a Glen Mhor and a couple of Port Ellens (thanks to the kind donors). I take no notes.
Talking about a recent-ish Malts of Scotland Port Ellen;

JS: "Where do you buy your Malts of Scotland from?"
OF: "Scoma and others. I bought it right before Brexit."
JS: "Of course. Now it costs twice as much."

Great little session, with lots of silly nonsense.