10 April 2012

07/04/2012 Two Ben Wyvises

For the first post on my new blog, I needed something a little out of the ordinary. Why not take the extra step and flirt with History? Not too many people have tried Ben Wyvis at all: it is not only pricy, it is particularly hard to find. Let us top that and have two of them, then. And show off in a very arrogant way at the same time. :-)
Just myself and adc for this one.

Ben Wyvis 31yo 1968/2000 (51%, SV, C#685, 191b): nose: wood! White spirit, pinetree, juniper, sawdust and a bit of cereal. Mouth: wood again, vanilla, cream -- custard, even. Finish: warming, honeyed with some wood. It is long too. This is excellent indeed! 8/10

Ben Wyvis 31yo 1968/2000 (50.6%, SV, C#687, 151b): wider nose, more on varnish than white spirit, which is more agreeable. I like it even better, really: it seems nobler and suits the weather better (cold and humid, fireplace weather). Dark chocolate notes, nearly mocha. Mouth: the ABV is a little more pronounced, though it is not a bad thing. Cream and custard again -- with liquor in it, this time (Grand Marnier?) Finish delivers some chocolate again. 9/10

-685 + 687: embers, burnt wood -- well, it is no Islay, but more pronounced than in either individually. They are both better on their own.

Well glad about the outcome of this one. With such controversial W, my anticipation and anxiety were high: was it going to be drinkable at all? Was it a waste of time and money? I was relieved neither was dreary and delighted that they are in fact a lot better than "not dreary". Will have to try 686, now...

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