22 May 2012

21/05/2012 Training session at the SMWS

With MWI in town for a training, we made plans for supper. 'What better place for that than the SMWS,' I ask thee. Bafflingly enough, the very venue the training was taking place at.

4.159 16yo 1995 Beach bonfire party (55.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 241b) (me): Fixou has had a crush on that one last time he visited, so I had to try it. Nose: the alcohol shines through, then it is varnish and a whiff of smoke -- not overpowering. Mouth: sea spray, salt, drying like coastal wind. Finish: not too long, maritime, agreeable with a touch of wood. An honest dram. Nothing too exciting for me, but it is well made. 7/10

64.36 7yo 2004 Marshmallows in a duffle bag (60.3%, SMWS Society Single Cask, ex-Bourbon Barrel, 257b) (JS): nose: VANILLA! A lot more floral than the other 64s too. Orange rinds. Mouth: peppery, slightly woody. Finish: Bourbon Creme biscuit, oranges. Probably not as good as the previous 64s, yet quite nice all the same. To think this distillery is overlooked by most...

97.21 (MWI): verdict: 'Wow! Surprising!'

105.19 (MWI): verdict: 'Very different. I think I prefer the more floral style.'

25.62 (MWI): verdict: 'This one is very nice too.'

31.23 23yo 1988 Sugared almonds in a mattress factory (51.7, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 235b) (me): not an often-sighted distillery at the SMWS, this. Apparently not supposed to be here either, as it was never announced as part of an outturn. Probably another one the clever people in charge snatched from a parcel en route to the US or South Africa... Nose: new car seats (combination of fake leather, plastic and foam). My companions jokingly ask what make and I am convinced it is a Seat Ibiza (Chrono?) A few herbs too. Mouth: beet soup and some red fruit (namely: raspberry). Rather sweet, in any case. Finish: brown sugar, cane sugar and some rubber in the distance, after a while. First independent Jura for me, I think, and perhaps the best Jura I have tried so far. 8/10

To accompany the drinks, we had lamburgers (MWI and I), venison Scotch egg an feta/beetroot salad (JS).

MWI walked in a complete novice to the world of single malt. He went home seduced.
Great times, as always.

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  1. As you mentioned I've been seduced, that's for sure: miles away from what I thought...

    Thanks for the coaching lesson, Old Man of Huy, great !

    Rather pity it was their last bottle (97.21) :-/