30 July 2012

28/07/2012 Summer whiskies + after at the SMWS

Tough to get a decent attendance with the 'lympics keeping Fixou at work and md being sick. We decided to go ahead regardless, as it has been a while since we last had a tasting with this group. Well, the group is only JS, idealrichard and myself, but all the same.
Mr. ideal came up with the theme, interested in trying something that would not be meaty and peaty. Seeing as it has been summery the last few days, the theme is spot on.

The line-up:

Imperial 1990/2000 (40%, GMP) (brought by myself): the bottle is agonising, so I thought we should finish it. Nose: toffee, plums, almonds, then red fruit, after a while (cherries?) Mouth: mellow, vanilla-tainted, vanilla pods. Finish: peach bit and the associated bitterness, unripe red currant. Still love this one. There is about one dram left in the bottle too. 7/10

Glenkinchie 1995/2008 Double Matured (43%, OB Distillers Edition, Amontillado Sherry Finish) (brought by idealrichard): nose: a whole different kettle of fish, this. Bit of wood, smoked kippers (very subtle, though), a whiff of sulphur, then orange. The sherry takes over in the long run. Mouth: fruity with liquorice (idealrichard). Finish: long, syrupy, sugary, then unveils notes of liquorice again. Very nice, this one. I prefer it to the sandard 12yo. 7/10

Bruichladdich 12yo Second Edition (46%, OB, Bourbon Casks, b.2006) (brought by idealrichard): nose: bit of leather, salt, a bit of smoke, cooked apples. Mouth: smoked meat, at which point idealrichard tells us he is vegetarian and therefore always laughs at that comment, because he cannot compare himself. Tons of salt too, though it is bizarrely smooth and fruity at the same time. Finish: "lots" of smoke (compared to the previous, that is). Very nice again, way better than the 10 year-old they released at some point.

St Magdalene 26yo 1982/2009 (59.1%, DL for TWS Glenkeir Treasures Cask Stregnth Selection, 144b) (brought by myself): nose: dunnage, warehouses, quite austere. Lots of verdigris, then fruit kicks in, honey and a bit of vanilla. Mouth: honey, toffee, silky smooth. Finish: an explosion (idealrichard). There is an odd impression of delicate smoke, but in all, it is very light and subtle. dom666 recently opened his own bottle of this and told me he found it weaker than other StM we have had. I like this one a lot, in fact. 9/10

Littlemill 16yo 1991/2008 (50%, DL Old Malt Cask 50º, Refill Hogshead, C#DL4064, 276b) (brought by JS): nose: refreshing! (idealrichard) There is a bit of dunnage and wood, here, a little verdigris at first, it is very waxy too (thanks to idealrichard who helped me put a word on what I could not identify), candlewax, that is, maybe some soap and it finishes on apple. Mouth: light and floral. Finish: very fruity, today. Still some wax, then a mix of grapefruit, lemon and other, unidentified, red fruit. Even better than in my memory -- this was one of the many stars at this year's Burns' Night. 8/10

Lochside 19yo 1991/2010 (50%, DL Old Malt Cask 50º, Refill Hogshead, C#DL6553, 315b) (brought by idealrichard): nose: faint citrus, envelope glue, some waxiness (idealrichard, who is in a waxy mood), and finally, some marmalade. Mouth: honey, then I do not take note of what else was there. Finish: pear, apricot, berries. Very good, but a bit bland at this point in the sequence. Also suffers from the more or less unconscious comparison with Cadenhead's 30yo and TWE's 46yo. This is a good 7/10, but would probably climb to 8 under different circumstances.

Glenury Royal 29yo 1970/1999 (57%, OB Rare Malts Selection, Oloroso Sherry Casks) (brought by myself): nose: medicinal (idealrichard), berries, bit of leather, at first, apricot (idealrichard), marmalade, though less than usually. Powerful, says idealrichard. Mouth: jammy! Finish: delicious and sweet, though dry tasting at the same time (idealrichard again). He cannot decide between this one, the StM and the Littlemill for the dram of the day. This one is lovely, in any case (thanks adc for the sample). 9/10

With only one guest, and knowing said guest would be interested, it seems logical to then have a dram at the SMWS (where we meet PS, obviously).

17.32 9yo 2002 Boiled Sweets And Grapefruit Peel (56.2%, SMWS Society Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 214b) (idealrichard): nose: toilet freshener, maybe pine cones, citrus. Mouth: more citrus (mostly lemon and lime). Finish: citrus-flavoured detergent.

125.26 16yo Liquid Dessert (52.2%, SMWS Society Cask, American Oak Cask, 243b) (me): I ask for a recommendation at the bar (light, summery dram), which makes the staff think a bit, as they want to chose not only a good one, but one I have not had. I end up with this one, though it later appears I have had it at some point. Nose: marzipan, ginger bread (both light), oranges, marmalade, then butterscotch and brioche. Mouth: brioche and croissant all the way. Bakery galore. Finish: vanilla, croissant dough. Blimey! This is great.

Great times. Low turnover, but quality drams and company. Roll on the next one!

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