9 December 2012

07/12/2012 December outturn at the SMWS

An unpleasantly busy Friday night at the local. Fortunately, we are only there for an aperitive dram, then a quick escape.

G8.2 23yo 1989/2012 Spun sugar and spooned honey – mmm! (62.4%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 252b) (me): nose: tons of butterscotch, custard, vanilla, a bit of wood. Mouth: toffee, pastry, butterscotch. Finish: varnish, wood shavings, toasted corn. A great grain again! It is very drying, though, just like that other Cambus I had a while ago (18yo SV CSC). Hours later, my tongue still feels completely stripped. This is a dangerous dram and I can see myself going blind if drinking too much of it.

76.97 17yo 1995/2012 Night time campfire treat (57.2%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Sherry Butt, 572b) (JS): nose: rubber (that is eraser, for our readers from across the Pond), some citrus. With water, it becomes jammier, even gives away some lovely marmalade. Mouth: lemon, coffee (hard to tell, because someone is having coffee near me). The mouth is a lot more balanced with water. Finish: marmalade, Seville orange juice. With water, a little smoke and a lot of jam. The finish is nice, the rest is a bit disappointing. Better with water.

That is the moment PS realises we are there. He has been on the premises for a loooong while, is now all merry and willing to impress. We are treated to the following:

The only picture taken before the battery died
G3.1 29yo 1978/2008 Hours of Entertainment (60.1%, SMWS Society Cask): third time I have this one. Considering the conditions in which I had it last time, it is nice to get to try it again. Nose: typical grain, with its bakery feel, also some chocolate and a little coffee. Finish: bakery, varnish, butterscotch. Right, so my notes are not better than last time after all. Nice dram, this.

G5.2 17yo 1993/2011 Strumming the strings of the soul (65.3%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Virgin Toasted Oak Hogshead, 248b): oooooh! an Invergordon I have not had! Nose: coconut body lotion indeed (it is written on the label), but also peppered melon, a bit of cologne and honey, with some wood in the back. Mouth: it is now one of those lurvely wood juices. Finish: melon, wood shavings. Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is superlative. 9/10

21.27 39yo 1971 An enticement of sweet oak (46.7, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 246b): yep, most expensive thing ever sold by the Society (in this month's outturn). Nose: perfume, honeysuckle, rose water. The sherry speaks out a little as well. Mouth: light and lovely, well balanced. Orange blossom, perhaps? Finish: bam! Orange blossom indeed. This is great. Is it worth 439£? Probably not, so it is nice to be able to try it by the glass. 9/10

A much longer session than foreseen, and a very agreeable moment after all. I carry a lowly Tobermory 15yo (46.3%, OB) in my flask, which I happily share with the guys to thank them for the grains. PS passes, C is very enthusiastic about it: the sherry/sulphur combination acts as his own madeleine, which is always a treat, of course. He goes on to tell us how he came across that smell when carrying jute bags during a summer job at a brewery. Good times.

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  1. "That is the moment P realises we are there. He has been on the premises for a loooong while, is now all merry and willing to impress."

    Yep, that sounds familiar. :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the treats...