27 March 2013

26/03/2013 Two Glenugies

The 26th March. 26 miles is a marathon -- JS completed one a few days ago. Celebration. It is also Leslie Mann's birthday, today -- although that seems random and hardly relevant, I saw a few films in which she appears, lately. That is the sole reason I know that piece of trivia and seems good enough a second excuse to celebrate. Yay. Top shelf as well, today. Double whammy.

'Nobody touches Glen Huggy, you dig?'
Glenugie 26yo 1982/2008 (50%, DL Old Malt Cask 50ยบ, Bourbon Barrel, C#4703, 310b): nose: custard and a debauchery of almond cream, punctuated with ripe peach, passion fruit, lychee -- caramba! It is not a Lochside from the 1960s, but it is fresh and fruity alright. Very sweet, with lots of coconut, as well as some vanilla. The bourbon cask influence is obvious. After some breathing time, butter also emerges, along with tulip petals. Mouth: unexpectedly spicy (green chilli), balanced by more custard. After rolling on the tongue for a bit, it becomes quite milky indeed. Finish: an avalanche of coconut, at this point, that gives way to a long, lingering, dry, white wine impression. Glorious stuff. This is what dreams are made of. 9/10

Glenugie 31yo 1977/2009 (58.1%, SV Cask Strength Collection, Finished in an Oloroso Butt, C#7, 577b): nose: a whole different kettle of fish! We now have coffee (of the Americano variety), amaretti (almond macaroons), maybe some distant, tinned fish? Teriyaki sauce, rather -- perhaps even soy sauce (hence why it is so moreish, one could easily imagine). There is even a discrete scent of dunnage warehouse. Mouth: a lot thicker than #4703, as expected. This one is richer, bitterer, with a hint of green chilli again, but also ginger and teriyaki sauce. The sherry speaks loudly, which is logical after a seven-year "finish". Speaking of finish: coconut, wood varnish, rancio, sweetened, black coffee (light Americano again), fortified wine or berry liqueur. This one is always a blast. It simply does not disappoint. 9/10

When asked which one I prefer, I go into a deadlock: #4703 is probably the seducer of the two, easy as it is to like it, no matter how (un)developed the palate. #7 is the cigar-in-a-chesterfield kind of a dram. They are both superb in their own right; why try to class them?

Glenugie Casks 4703 + 7: that is not cask 4710, for the absent-minded. Try to follow! Nose: the little volume I blend does not tell much; a bit of flower-stem juice, squashed berries, a little wood, maybe -- yes! Seasoned wood it is. Mouth: a really weird red-fruit mix. Not sure I like it much, to be honest. It is very Acidic and shaky. Red-wine vinegar is probably the closest it could relate to. Finish: yes, red-wine vinegar, though it is not as annoying as it was on the mouth. Coconut shell, fleeting passion fruit, after a few seconds. Also wooden planks, soaked in Rioja. Not really a success, this. :o)

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