12 April 2013

11/04/2013 Blitz session at Berrys'

This is more of a lunch-time excursion than a tasting, yet to keep track of my impressions and to share them, here is a brief recap.

Littlemill 20yo 1992/2013 (54.9%, BBr Selected by Berrys', C#10): grassy (hawthorn, to be precise) and slightly metallic with a hint of peach. Nice, not revolutionary and not too far from other Littlemills I have had.

North of Scotland 38yo 1973/2012 (46%, BBr Selected by Berrys',  C#14570): only the second NoS for this enthusiast. The first was a delight and a half, so the prospect of a new one is exciting. Quietly woody, with the usual coconut and glue, though very tame. Rather grassy too, all in finesse. OK, not blinding. A grain for people who do not like grain.

Caperdonich 20yo 1992/2012 (46%, BBr Selected by Berrys', C#121125): interesting nose, but all in all, this is too green. Akin to the Provenance I have, but not as good. Flower stems, plant juice and a dash of pepper. 6/10

Inchgower 30yo 1982/2012 (51.9%, BBr Selected by Berrys', C#6985): excellent balance of hazelnut, grass (the employee calls it 'sous-bois', which amuses me enormously) and caramel. 8/10

Imperial 17yo 1995/2012 (46%, BBr Selected by Berrys', C#50075): I am told this is quiet, unspoken and probably not rightly placed in that sequence (I only asked for it now). It explodes with honey and mead, as well as ripe, juicy, yellow fruit (apricot, canary melon). The texture is honeyed too. 8/10

Brimstone: finally a chance to try something from Balcones, a distillery in Texas with a growing reputation. This is bacon juice with no peat. Odd and dangerously easy to drink, much more so that, say, PC8, which was also very much a bacon assault.

Interesting session, with unexpected results.

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