29 May 2013

26/05/2013 Two random Speysiders in an RSPB reserve

Bird-watching is a dehydrating activity. After spotting a couple of kingfishers (yep), we (adc, JS and I) stop for a dram.

A tough, tough life

Glen Keith 1993/2009 (43%, GMP Connoisseurs Choice): nose: adc finds it acrid, while JS detects unidentified Autumn fruit. Cut pear and detergent in my nose, yellow fruit too. Warm, covered apple pie with walnuts. Mouth: custard cream, pine needles, almond skins and some pepper. Finish: long and coating. Custard, génépi (adc). This is superbly easy to drink, perfect on this wonderfully sunny day.

Imperial 1991/2008 (43%, GMP): nose: grassy and woody at first, then a slice of lemony vanilla cake. Green wood and candle wax. Mouth: slightly astringent fruit juice (unripe orange?) and tree sap. Not at all disagreeable, if not extremely well-balanced. This one reminds me of the 1990/2000 bottling upon opening the bottle. Since this one is a miniature, I will never know if oxidation affects it as positively. Finish: odd mix of tree sap, ash, hair lacquer and lime. Not an immediate success, this. In fact, if it were my first introduction to Imperial, I would probably not explore that distillery's offering any further.

Lots of things flying around (dust, pollen, birds, butterflies) which means the conditions might not have been ideal (stuffed nose, lack of focus). Still enjoyable and a dram in the wild is hard to beat.

The Bridge on the River Kwak

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