29 July 2013

27/07/2013 Pêches-au-Thon Productions presents: Swedish girl loves peat

After having drunk heavily for the past five hours or so, we board a train to Fixou's neck of the woods for second serve. Let us gloss over the copious rinsing upon arrival, the getting lost and having to phone three times to finally get there. North and South look dreadfully similar at dusk, under the rain, when you have had a drink.
A and I. are already there and we are all delighted to see that Mr. and Mrs. Fixou have prepared a tableful of munchies (Serrano ham to die for, vomit-tasting sweets, according to I., slices of proper bread and certainly a few other things I cannot think of anymore).
Since we are so late (that was planned), they have already started the session and had most of the aquavits. I only have one, because drinking should always be done in moderation:

Utö (brought by I.): nose: a cascade of lemon, as much as in limoncello -- this is quite nice and in season. Mouth: more limoncello, Major Bailey (gin, lime and mint). Finish: full on lemon. This is good, though fearfully sweet. I wish I was in a state to enjoy it more. Given my condition, it is too sweet to drink more than a glass and, therefore, that concludes my aquavit tasting for the day.

Enter... PECHES AU THON! Fixou is so obsessed with them he started to make them. I have not had those in years so it is a welcome surprise.

MacDonald's Traditional Ben Nevis (46%, OB) (brought by me): nose: lemon, ginger and a touch of smoke. A little butter too. Mouth: silky milk chocolate and some smoke. Finish: lots of charred meat on a barbecue. Fruit and subtle smoke. Yes, it is big on meat, and less big on smoke. Good buy, this. Quite expensive for a no-age-statement whisky, but enjoyable. 7/10

The goods.
Ardbeg Corryvreckan (57.1%, OB, b. ca 2013) (Fixou): nose: cereal, peat smoke and delicate ash. Mouth: balanced peat, ashes, smoke and barbecue, with a ton of spices. Finish: more ashes and barley. Cannot really give proper notes, at this point, but this is still very good. 8/10

127.32 10yo 2002 A manly dram (65.2%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Barrel) (Fixou): I. gets in the theme big time -- she is Swedish and loves this peaty one. I tried it a month ago in a different context. Nose: quite spirity, full of varnish. Mouth: same -- very spirity. Everyone is raving about how peaty it is, but I cannot feel it at all. Finish: long and spirity in an unpleasant way. Invading. Sugary and salty, says Fixou, akin to Pouilly Fuissé. All I get myself is spirit and maybe a bit of lemon. Not noteworthy, by now. A tiny whiff of peat, finally -- which is ridiculous, considering it is a 65+% peat monster. Think that is enough alcohol for me today. 6/10

Very nice evening with friends, a festive musical selection (1980s pop aplenty) and superb snacks. The drams were certainly up to par, yet I think I might have bitten more than I could chew, on this particular occasion.

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