16 March 2015

15/03/2015 Twenty thousand page views

It happened at some point in February, a month ago. I never took the time to have a celebratory dram.
Yes, Twenty thousand page views is little. I am still happy about it.

Glenglassaugh 26yo 1983/2010 (46%, OB, 1002b): when I visited the distillery, I wanted to try this one again (I had already had it at the Whisky Show). However, I was driving and had already had one. The tour guide kindly poured my share in a miniature bottle, which is the one I am drinking today. Nose: tame quince jelly. Actually, it might be a dusty larder used to store quince jelly jars. Sandalwood and coconut, though both are well under control. Tapenade, overripe green grapes, apricot, sharon (a type of persimmon, in case you are wondering). The fruit is not exuberant, but it is there. There also seems to be something slightly more austere -- dunnage warehouse? Lichen on wood barrels? Fruit juice spilt on granite? Plum liqueur is present, as well as a wonderful flavour of dry earth as it starts to rain. The last thing to come up is a faint whisper of white chocolate. Mouth: initially fresh and acidic, it quickly develops towards tame, noble wood tastes. Fruit in an oak basket. The longer the whisky spends in the mouth, the thicker it seems to become, to a point it feels like pulpy peach nectar (a peppery one, that is) augmented with a few drops of grapefruit juice (it is quite acidic, after all). Finish: peach and pepper are now very distinct. Wood undertones emerge, shy to start with, then become rather powerful, accompanied by fruit stones and grapefruit pips. Very good dram. Perhaps a bit timid and, of course, it pales in comparison with the more recent 40yo (at six or seven times the introduction price). I still think it is better than the 30yo. 8/10

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