30 May 2015

30/05/2015 PS's birthday bash

PS is celebrating a non-milestone birthday today and invited people to a non-formal do at his crashing place in the city.
Immediately, a discussion about software development and management takes place. I purposedly do not take part in the rather sterile debate.

Brora 22yo 1981/2003 (46%, SV The Un-Chill Filtered Collection, Sherry Butt, C#1635, 806b): the fabled "lesser Brora" PS promised he would pull out. It could seem odd to try and lure people into attending by announcing you will pour a "lesser" whisky, but hey! perhaps, he was aiming for a low turnout. Nose: beeswax, honey, apricots, hints of cut grass and distant charcoal alongside plum skins. A very nice nose, this is! Charcoal becomes bolder after a few sips and after experiencing the finish. There might even be a note of paint thinner in there somewhere. Mouth: pretty similar to the nose, with wax, waxy fruit, a touch of bitterness (cut grass and plant sap) and pleasant apricot juice. A twist of the black-pepper mill spices the whole thing up and makes it well interesting. Finish: a mild kick of charcoal is immediately noticeable over a backdrop of beeswax, apricots, plums, and still the cut grass. The charcoal soon fades away, leaving fruit and grass. The charcoal dryness becomes more and more persistent, the longer one drinks this. It remains good, as long as one likes their whisky dry and charcoal-y, of course. Third Brora this week (whazzaaaaa!) and it is beautiful. 8/10 (thanks PS x2)

7.116 29yo d.1985 It's good to arrive (58.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 116b): nose golden syrup (JS), mead, royal jelly, litres of juicy jam, rose-petal jelly -- this is really lovely! Faint yellow fruit (JS), unripe apricot. Mouth: flat at first, yet it quickly rises to become warm, even slightly peppery, with a sprinkle of fruit juice. Finish: woah! Candied pears, pear pie with candied sugar on top, honey and Pineau des Charentes. Is this lovely or what? 8/10

Springbank 10yo 1995/2006 (16%, Alchemist for Potstill Vienna, Port Casks): first time I try anything from this bottler, yay! A young, sherried Springbank, by the looks of it -- but no! It is a full Port maturation. Nose: flat cola, a faint whiff of rotten eggs, subtle smoke and even a farmy quality to it. Frangipane makes a late appearance. Mouth: some engine oil, walnut kernels, hazelnut oil, flat cola again. Finish: more cola and hazelnut. It is rather sparkly and leaves the tongue dry like 80%-cocoa chocolate. Still nice and interesting. 7/10 (thanks PS)

Tormore 12yo 1984/1997 (64.4%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection): woo! Nose: doughy (JS), with touches of black cardamom, dandelions and fruit. Mouth: flowery to accompany bakery action. Finish: more bakery and flowers (or is that flours?), jam rolls and milk chocolate. Very, very nice indeed! 8/10 (thanks GK)

"Smell this!"
We have to leave at this stage. A pleasant afternoon it was, if mildly overcast by a mishap that will be remembered as the Penderyngate (for those who know). Good to talk to people I do not see every day and to meet new ones. Happy birthday, PS.

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