13 July 2015

12/07/2015 Clearing the shelves #5

Millburn 1971 (40%, GMP COnnoisseurs Choice, b. early 1990s): had this one a while ago. It needs to make room. Nose: a lacquered wooden cabinet, made from high-quality wood -- none of that Ikea chipboard shite. Ripe, juicy fruit are to be found in the back: plums, nectarines, maraschino cherries. A touch of smoke, perhaps? I would say a new mahogany bookshelf in the library of a gentlemen's club, a Calvados-seasoned pipe, a walnut dashboard in a palace on wheels. Mouth: some spices from the wood (roasted black peppercorns, mace, bay leaves), yet the velvety texture keeps it easy and delicate, if rich and complex. Walnut oil, a drop of apricot juice. Finish: back into the library for a mixture of mahogany and cooling ashes from a menthol cigarette, smoked by a tuxedo-clad gentleman who shaved not two hours ago -- yes, that is a note of after-shave balm. This gentleman smokes with a cigarette-holder made of pearl and amber, of course: stubs taint your fingers, dahling. Old school as fook, this would benefit from more horsepower. Still, this is my bag, baby! 8/10

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