6 November 2015

05/11/2015 Banffire Night

In the night of the 4th to the 5th November 1605, a chap called Guy Fawkes was discovered in the Palace of Westminster, home of the British Parliament, with enough gunpowder to take the building down. He was arrested, along with other conspirators, and put through the joys of Renaissance punishment.
The aborted attack, known as the Gunpowder Plot, was revealed in an anonymous letter; hence why Guy Fawkes masks have become the symbol of hacktivist group Anonymous.
Since then, the 5th November has become a big night in the Great Kingdom of Britain. Some celebrate the plot, others celebrate the plotters' getting caught. Fireworks and booze are well represented. It is colloquially known as Bonfire Night. There's a pun I cannot miss.

Banff 37yo 1975/2013 (42.9%, Malts of Scotland, Bourbon Barrel, C#13023, 201b): nose: dusty books, at first, soon to give way to musty warehouses, stacks of barrels stored in a galleon's cargo. Wine sauce, mustard-y gravy -- w00t! It then changes again to reveal a certain fruitiness: cooked oranges, initially, then boiled, citrus-y sweets, before it morphs back to dunnage warehouse, augmented with marmalade, this time. Damp staves, evaporating alcohol and... sage. Beautiful nose, this. Pretty complex. Mouth: woody with some tannins, it has grape pips in acceptable doses, green-grape juice, yet also allspice and nutmeg. It is still lively and powerful, despite the low ABV. Oh! it is no spring chicken bouncing around, mind. More of a quiet strength. Dijon mustard with soaking dried fruits (sultanas? Currants?) and a gently metallic touch. Finish: a healthy mix of wood and fruit. Pepper, cigar boxes, cigar leaves, redcurrants. The finish feels shy at first, yet it actually lasts forever. A little bit drying, with notes of dark cocoa and wood shavings, mocha-flavoured dark chocolate and pencil lead. This is really fawking good. Boom. 9/10

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