31 August 2016

28/08/2016 Another few at the Bon Accord

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Glasgow, go to the Bon Accord.
DH accepts to have one drink after dropping us off, following our visit to Auchentoshan.

Dalwhinnie 36yo 1966/2002 (47.2%, OB, 1500b): DH is excited, as this one is from the time Dalwhinnie still had worm tubs -- plainly said: a giant cold-water bath used to condensate the distillate. Nose: rich and voluptuous, with cigar leaves, walnut oil and roasted chestnut. It also has dried cranberries, polished dashboards, and even distant smoke. Phwoar! JS finds barley tea, while DH detects TCP. Time and oxidation make it fruitier (cranberries). Mouth: more generous treats in this velvety body, packed with walnut oil and a gentle spice mix (crushed clove, ground cardamom, black cumin). Finish: explodes in a great gig of walnut oil and hypnotising clouds of cigar smoke. Amazing. Dried cranberries, antique armchairs, tanned leather (DH). This is an old man's dram alright. I love it. 9/10

Teaninich 40yo 1973/2013 (54%, Càrn Mòr Celebration of the Cask, Sherry Puncheon, C#20237, 200b): nose: sawdust, peppered on top of a distant fruit salad. A whiff of foot sweat (for those who like that) and cooking cabbage. Do not be fooled, though: the dominant is sawdust on fruit salad. A Waldorf salad, with rotting pears instead of apples. Mouth: between the gentleness of soft, dried apricot and the bitterness of young wood. Juicy pears end up coming through on the palate too, as well as a hint of smoke. Finish: very long, with slightly too drying wood, unfortunately, dried apricot soaked in hot water, thyme, mint, chives. Very good, yet too drying to achieve a better score. 8/10

Glenugie 25yo 1981/2006 (51.5%, DT Rarest of the Rare, C#5158, 323b): although I almost convince DH to try yesterday's Inverleven (a distillery he has never had), his mind is made up as soon as he discovers there is a 'noogie in the house. Nose: shoe polish, drying hay, nail varnish, old cork and dunnage warehouse. Mouth: soft as a baby's skin at first, it unveils dark sherry-style prunes, and a touch of rancio. Finish: dark grapes, black olives, dark olive oil. The notes might be short, but it is still as good as I remembered it. 9/10

DH is thinking of going. I manage to negotiate another couple of sips before he goes. It will be one dram to share between the three of us and they will try it blind.

Nose: I die. It brought me to tears the first time and is doing it again. That is all I can say. Mouth: perfection. A deluge of tropical fruit and a velvety, silky texture. Finish: a tropical tsunami. Unbelievable. The complexity is unfathomable, yet what strikes the most is that fruit. That fruit!
Despite the apparent monologue, I should add my co-tasters seem to appreciate this dram immensely too. It takes DH a number of clues to finally pinpoint the distillery. It is of course White Bowmore 43yo 1964/2008 (42.8%, OB, 6 Bourbon Casks, 732b). Slightly better notes from our first encounter are here. Score unchanged. 16/10

Bow before more!

I make sure the waitress gets to try this monster and I explain it does not matter if I look ridiculous while drinking the divine.
JS -You are moved. You found your passion.
DH -Your passion fruit!

Shits 'n giggles innit.

Bowmore give tOMoH hands of magic