19 August 2013

10/08/2013 A couple of drams as an aperitive

Visiting the Heimat inexorably means drinking things that were left behind after I moved or things that belong to someone else. Only a few today, but they come with notes.

Knappogue Castle 36yo 1951/1987 (40%, Terra) (adc's): nose: aromatic herbs and also a lot meatier than ever before -- cured ham, barbecue, even ash and dust. A tiny whiff of metal, grass as well. Is it burnt tyre in the back? Or melting plastic? I detect plum eau-de-vie, while adc finds vanilla and dry, crumbling leaves. Mouth: soft and smooth, with a touch of latte, some dust and a vague bitterness (orange skins?) Finish: this is surely too subtle for many malt enthusiasts, but I love it. A combination of cold latte, chocolate-flavoured milk, caramel, a wee bit of grass, tarragon, and a remarkable overall balance! Once it settles in, it even displays fruit (citrus, according to adc). Kumquat? Pomelo? A wonderful dram. Why this is still available is a mystery to me (it is a bit pricey, but it was bottled close to thirty years ago). 8/10

Bladnoch 16yo 1991/2007 (51%, Taste Still, C#8411, 126b) (mine): nose: animal skin, brandy, grappa, quetsch -- any eau-de-vie made of "medium-sized" fruit, in fact. It then cools off with pineapple juice, while the second nosing brings forth leather and marmalade. Mouth: this seems rather neutral -- there is a bit of brandy again, and bakery, perhaps. Then grapes and blood orange flesh. A less-than-impressive bitterness emerges too. Not sure what it relates to -- plant juice? Very sharp marmalade, rather. Finish: lots of wood, vanilla, a warming feeling, ground pink pepper sprinkled over marmalade toasts. 7/10

Ardmore 19yo 1978/1998 (46%, Cadenhead Original Collection) (mine): nose: pears, charred wood -- this is rather green, strangely enough. Strong citrus comes into play at second nosing and that is good news! Mouth: water in which charred wood was cooled off. Perhaps some plum eau-de-vie again? A hint of honey, or wax, a touch of pepper. All downplayed and subtle, mind you. Finish: fruity and floral, yet it is finally turning more into a recent Ardmore, with some ash and peat smoke, though it all remains quite subtle. 7/10

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