31 August 2013

31/08/2013 The end of the summer holiday

Cynicism? Well, hopefully, that will mark the end of little gobshites spending the night drinking in the park, making noise under my window and, most importantly, leaving a pile of rubbish around the bench when there is a bin not two metres away. I am sure the wildlife will appreciate the time off too. Grumpy old man? Ahem, have you read the name of this blog?
Right, let us get to work.

Time to make some room on the shelves too.

Dailuaine 28yo 1983/2012 (47.3%, whiskybase.com Archives, Hogshead, C#865, 265b): nose: wood, oranges, lemons, orange drops -- very neat anyway. This is not overly complex, but delicate and agreeable enough. Mouth: sharpish, lemoney. Again, orange drops come out, alongside polished oak. Finish: tangerine peels, polished furniture, Pine-Sol (SJ). Although not too complex, this is rather moreish ("My name is Moreish Mosh, or Mosh, for short.") Thanks to the good folks (and former rivals) at Whiskybase for the sample. 7/10

Glenlossie 1968 (40%, GMP Connoisseurs Choice b.1980s): switching gears, here. This was much to my liking, when I had it the first time. Nose: a lot deeper than the previous! Mushroomy, earthy (JS), mossy and also fruity -- very much so, in fact: boiled raisins, stewed eldeberry. Mushrooms make an appreciated comeback late in the nosing process, roasted, this time. Mouth: spicy and peppery (JS); very balanced, though.Marmalade. Finish: marmalade bitterness (Seville oranges), a bit of wood and pepper again, which makes it slightly drying and prevents a higher rating. Great little dram nonetheless, this. 8/10

Invergordon 40yo 1964/2005 (48.1%, A.D. Rattray Cask Collection, C#57633, 105b): another old acquaintance. We need to reset the taste buds. Let us try the grain technique. Nose: this is wood juice, tonight -- polished wood, resinous, pine like, sandlewood and even incense. Quite a bit of sawdust, butterscotch, buttered pop corn (JS) and crusty banana cake with coconut shavings on top. Mouth: such a balance! Vanilla, coconut cream, marshmallows (JS). Finish: cigar boxes, a fleeting flash of blackcurrant, before it settles on cedar wood bitterness with something sweeter behind it -- is it treacle? Parma violets? An outstanding Invergordon, in any case. 8/10

Littlemill 24yo 1988/2012 (54.2%, The Whisky Man Sympathy for the Whisky, 159b): nose: musty and sweaty -- balls sweat (TMI?) Shoe polish, or grease, as they used to coat shoes with in yesteryears, gym shoes. "Like licking a saddle" (JS). Not very appealing, this one, if I am honest. Damp clothes and a bit of wood, after a minute. Patience helps solvents emerge, as well as some tame fruit. With water, same thing: solvent, wood, fruit, with a better balance. The fruit in question, I decide is overripe -- no! decaying apples. Mouth: flows on the tongue like water, despite the 54+% ABV. Sherbet, all kinds of citric sweets. Old slippers do not let you forget them, though. Finish: OLD SLIPPERS! It does not go as far as clogged sink, but it is well reminiscent of hiking boots and all kinds of footwear that have seen feet for too long. As usual, I like the originality well enough (no foot fetish here, before you ask), but it is more of a curiosity than proper enjoyment whisky. The finish is very long, so if you do not know what an old slipper tastes like, you have a big, fat chance to learn here (thanks mars for the sample). 6/10

9.72 17yo 1997/2013 Lockets honey and lemon lozenges (62.1%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 272b): what a difference with the previous! Nose: varnish, Parma violets (JS), heather, honeysuckle, even. It is all rather subtle, despite the fierce ABV. There is a tiny bit of pine tree sawdust and pine sap in the back, though the final impression is of something sweet -- not sure if it is marzipan, nougat, tablets or something else yet. Mouth: woah! the ABV makes itself known, here. It is powerful booze with infused pine sawdust. Rather anaesthetizing. Water makes it more palatable (no shit, Sherlock!) and sweeter, hinting at bakery. Finish: ample and warming, full of custard powder and cigar boxes. Water brings blueberry pancakes -- a nice touch. A more-than-decent Glen Grant (thanks JMcG for the sample). 7/10

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