18 December 2013

12/12/2013 A couple of drams at the SMWS Edinburgh

When in Edinburgh, visiting the Queen Street venue goes without saying. Only JS and I, this time, which is just as well, because the place is packed to a point we have a hard time finding seats for two. Besides, there is live music. A guy and a guitar, playing folk-ish songs and Christmas sing-alongs. One of the good things about the SMWS is there is no music or television, so this comes as a cold shower. It is way too loud too, which sort of kills any social interaction while he plays.

96.7 7yo 2006/2013 For a sweet tooth (56.3%, SMWS Society Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 187b) (me): first SMWS GlenDronach for me. They have been offering a long string of firsts, this year, which is very exciting indeed. Nose: young spirit (well, it is 7, is it not?) Lots of feints, then coffee, burnt cake and feet. Mh. Mouth: mellow and spongy. Finish: caramel custard first, then lots of red pepper lasting for a very long while. This one is pungent and anaesthetising. Slightly more pleasant and fruity with water, but it is probably too young to be good.

125.71 6yo 2007/2013 Chocolate Coke Float (58.7%, SMWS Society Cask, New French Oak Hogshead, 265b) (JS): nose: chocolate milk with herbs and a hint of vanilla in the back. Mouth: pretty indistinct. Finish: some nectarines, unripe pear and lots of drying alcohol. Almonds too. Unconvincing.

The live music ends, phew. The staff thinks it is time to switch on the iPod -- WTF!!??!?!

I want to have an older bottlings, now. Five of them behind the bar, including the two Glen Albyn I tried last time. They have 80.3 and another I am interested in. After sniffing both, I go with this.

91.17 9yo 1992 A game of two halves (60%, SMWS Society Cask, 197b) (me): a lesser-seen distillery. Nose: pine dust and lots of alcohol. Maybe I should have gone for 80.3 after all... Cedar wood, cypress. It makes me think of Indochinese cuisine, for some reason -- Cambodian, Thai, Viet Namese. Mouth: mellow, with vanilla-tainted pine-wood juice. Finish: round, with enough pine dust to give it movement. More of a curiosity, this.

Disappointing experience, innit.

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