3 December 2013

30/11/2013 A few drams to cheer up idealrichard

The only date idealrichard could make this side of the new year. No one else is available, but what the hell?

Balvenie 15yo (47.8%, OB Single Barrel, C#7953) (idealrichard): nose: sexy as can be. Honey, white wine, raspberry eau-de-vie, vanilla pudding and pink bubblegum. Mouth: soft and easy. Finish: smooth, appealing, sweet and light as a crêpe, certainly not long in an invading way, but fantastically agreeable.

Glendullan 12yo (47%, OB, b.1980s) ( (me): nose: hay, grain, even, hops, then lots of varnish. We both think it is close to grain whisky, to a large extent. Mouth: yeast, Ryvita bread and sparkling beverage (root beer?) Finish: quite earthy (idealrichard), with loads of root beer, still close to a grain. Best 'dullan I have had, I reckon. It is not a spectacular malt, but interesting and certainly not dull, for once.

Inchgower 30yo 1982/2012 (51.9%, BBr Selected by Berrys', C#6985) (idealrichard): I tried that one a while ago and liked it a lot. Nose: lush grass, quince eau-de-vie, decaying pears, cooked ham, but also freshly-cut pear and a hint of chocolate. Mouth: lots of grass alongside forsythia wood. Finish: milk chocolate with a splash of coffee and some flower-stem juice. Refreshing. I still like it.

Tomatin 35yo 1978/2013 (44.1%, Cadenhead Smalll Batch, Bourbon Hogsheads, 594b) (me): nose: cola, soda bread, fruit. Mouth: balanced, sweet, with flat cola again and a lot of fruit. Finish: lingering praline, fleeting hiking boot and decaying cherries. Not taking too many notes, since I have tried it recently. Great dram.

Craigduff 40yo 1973/2013 (49.6%, SV Cask Strength Collection, Refill Sherry Butt C#2516, 616b) (me): leftovers from the show. Nose: grilled bacon in a carbonara sauce, cured ham, then some wood and sizzling butter. It is slightly smokey, but would not show it if drunk amongst big peaters. Mouth: still lively ("green" would be too strong a word), with a reasonable amount of pepper, honey and flowery juices. Finish: tons of pastry in the back before the after-taste kicks in, a mixture of flower and honey. Classy.

Ardmore 25yo b.2008 (51.4%, OB) (idealrichard): one of the many highlights of the show last year. idealrichard finally gave in and bought it -- yay! Nose: not too far from the Craigduff: grilled bacon, cured ham, light smoke and some hidden delicateness. Farmyard makes an appearance in the back. Mouth: peppery, quite punchy, but balanced. Finish: peat and fruit, mud, log fire, with a touch of cherry and strawberry, though the fruit is more subtle than in my recollection. Lovely drop, this.

Brief tasting, good times.

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