11 April 2014

10/04/2014 10 000 pageviews + 101 posts

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Quite sad and pathetic to hit 10k after two years, but expansionism is not the goal of this blog. Thanks to whoever you are, 10 000 readers. Something a little special is in order to salute thee. It is 2014, two 1974 drams will do.

Craigellachie are branching
Craigellachie 1974 (40%, GMP Connoisseurs Choice, b.1990s): nose: vanilla and coconut at first, then something more noble happens. The wooden dashboard of a Jaguar 3.8l MkII, walnut hull, a mixture of marzipan, flat cola and shoe polish. Even later, it delivers an impression of pot-pourri, stewed apricots and raisins, a wooden cupboard full of jam jars, as well as a minuscule whiff of steamed cabbage. Talk about a complex nose! Mouth: peppery, bursting with Seville-orange marmalade, bitter and lively while still sweet and soothing. Amazing, this. Finish: sticky and rich like marmalade again, slightly bitter. Lovely candied orange hiding a discreet leather note and half a teaspoon of coal dust. Mouth and finish are a lot more straightforward than the nose, yet extremely enjoyable. The nose is simply fantastic. 8/10

North British 1974/2000 (50%, Robert Scott Scott's Selection): nose: completely closed at first. Let us give it a minute to open up. There we go! Walking through a pinetree forest on a dry autumn dawn. A sheet of cedar wood (to light cigars) soaked in coconut milk. Cannot really say there is much else to it (almond paste? Lemon-scented bathroom detergent? Lemon juice?) but it really does the trick for me. Upon second nosing, I also get polished-wood chairs. Mouth: pudding, flavoured soy milk, then white pepper kicks in. It slowly fades away to leave the vanilla soy milk in the foreground. Satin-like texture. Finish: long and pleasant, with more vanilla soy milk and some subtle cedar wood. Not so challenging, probably, and less good than the 1964 bottling by Signatory. Fans of grain should love this all the same. I do.

What is the next milestone? 25 000? Let it come.

Can't wait for the 303rd post!

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