22 April 2014

20/04/2014 One dram for fun

Springbank 20yo 1967 (46%, Prestonfield House, C#1472): nose: walnut liqueur, old books, balsamic vinegar, diluted Marmite (yes, it is rather heavily sherried), high-class, black shoe polish, flat cola and solvents as well, which, in this dose, is well pleasant. Mild, black coffee makes a late appearance, alongside OXO broth and caramel.
Mouth: Dr. Pepper, more solvents (on the subtle tip). It is oily and coating, perfectly balanced. A twist of paprika gives it more heat than the 46% hint at, but it is not really a powerful malt, this. Slightly dry, presumably due to the sherry influence.
Finish: long and evolving -- it starts out with Dr. Pepper, then moves towards leather belts, engine oil, solvents, cola sweets, fresh tyres and the leather interior of a Bentley.
A great, old Springbank. The sherry notes are masterful, but one has to enjoy that to appreciate this whisky, of course.
A little disappointing, to be honest. Great dram indeed, but seeing the aura of legend this vintage carries, I was expecting more. 8/10

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