8 July 2014

05/07/2014 July outturn a tthe SMWS

We went to the outturn preview tasting last week, but only had time for a couple of drams. Besides, it is always nice to bring friends to the Society and if there is cheese as a bonus, how could one resist? Granted, there is not enough cheese for everyone, due to a late order and a cock-up on their end. Ah, well.
The difficult part is to choose

95.17 23yo d.1990 Goooaaalll!!!! (49.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 66b): Auchroisk is not a common sight by any stretch, let alone a Society bottling of it. Exciting! Nose: bakery flavours aplenty. Yellow stone fruit (peach), then clean socks, line drying. Mouth: soft and mellow, peachy. Velvety on the sides of the tongue. Finish: more peach, flowers. Water mutes it, at first, then it becomes even fruitier, with lots of peach and apricot goodness. Lovely dram! 8/10

39.100 23yo d.1990 Exotic contradictions (57.1%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 204b): nose: this one seems quite meaty, initially, then it evolves towards turmeric and cumin, marinated meat, herbes de Provence, BBQ-herbs mix. Mouth: silky at first, but actually rather spicy and peppery. Finish: an unexpected cascade of pepper-coated fruit. A superb Linkwood, close in quality to the fabulous 26 RMS. 8/10

73.65 24yo d.1985 Tarts in a tea house (55.9%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Sherry Butt, 377b): this comes recommended by the staff. Nose: very meaty, leathery, with a good dose of black shoe polish. Water makes it extremely sherried. The mouth is nicely balanced. Finish: quite anaesthetising, even diluted. With water: rotting meat, mouthwash, industrial cleaner. 6/10

76.116 26yo d.1987 Tangier market (48.3%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 193b): nose: cut apples -- the crisp kind. Mouth: tickling on the tip of the tongue. Finish: bang! Explosive first, before it becomes fruity and honeyed. This is good! 8/10

And what a name!
2.87 21yo d.1992 Satisfying as a butcher's blade (51.7%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 194b): my nose is clogging up, now, but I still detect apples and some kind of leaves. Mouth: warming and comforting; relaxing, even. Finish: chocolaty, with a sprinkle of flat cola. In fact, this reminds me of hot pig blood.

4.187 14yo d.1999 Let the magic unfold (58.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, 1st fill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 189b)(idealrichard): nose: very light peat and that absolutely lovely heather. Mouth: a good balance of warming whisky with that superb, heathery touch. Violets? Yes! Violet sweets. Finish: long, lingering and full of violet sweets. Nice! 8/10

G7.3 27yo d.1984 Fresh toffee and glossy magazines (59.4%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 234b) (MS): MS is a Bourbon drinker. The grains seem like the best way to go, in his case. Nose: bakery, pine dust. Old books become more prominent (them leather bindings, innit). We are talking about books that were hand-copied by monks -- probably cistercian, though they might have been benedictine. MS becomes all poetic about it and explains how the books are from a shelf left untouched for years, while the room is dimly lit. Mouth: balance of dust and bakery flavours. Finish: long, warming and a bit drying. 8/10
Cheese is good

35.114 19yo d.1994 A southern gentleman (58.9%, SMWS Society Single Cask, 1st fill Toasted Oak Hogshead, 241b) (idealrichard): nose: glossy magazine covers, then hospital cleaning agents. Kind of fruity too (white grape juice with a dash of blackberry in it). Mouth: very slightly bitter, white grape juice again. It is pretty soft, with an underlying heat. Blackberries emerge after a moment. Finish: blackcurrant, now (was it all along?), with a twist of black pepper. Another beautiful Society Glen Moray. 8/10

G4.5 34yo d.1979 Sweet and spicy (50.9%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 205b) (MS): nose: coconut, vanilla, comic books (!) and a bowl of cereals (not sure which, but not Quaker Cruseli). Mouth: smooth and silky, it develops spices very late and even blackcurrant, after a full minute in. Finish: it is a proper blackcurrant explosion, now! It tastes like an Invergordon! MS being from across the Pond, he finds it akin to a blueberry muffin. 8/10

1.181 11yo d.2002 Vintage car in a rose-garden (56.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, 1st fill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 231b) (MS): nose: a vintage car that has not been used much. I do not try it. MS tells me he is not fond of it.

9.86 16yo d.1997 Sangria on the terrace (55.5%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 291b) (MS): nose: candy and bay leaves. Bubblegum and apple (MS). A strange combination. Mouth: steeping leaves, minty infusion. Finish: long and becoming very minty, still giving away a few bay leaves, perhaps. 7/10
More cheeez

G4.6 18yo d.1988 Ray Mears' Digestif (55.4%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 268b) (MS): I recommend one of the G3, what with it being a closed distillery, a 34 year-old and an older bottling. PS (who is obviously there too) jumps in and convinces MS to go for G4.6 instead, a younger expression of G4, which was such a hit with MS. Nose: sawdust and band aids. MS finds pineapple and latex, while I detect some metallic notes. Mouth: thin, quite fruity (apples, pears), with a hint of medical instruments. Finish: herbs and vanilla. 7/10

MS jokes about G6 a lot. I am disappointed there is no Port Dundas available today, but he is talking about a song that I don't know (nor want to, probably).

7.101 10yo d.2003 Playing with Colours (60.2%, SMWS Society Single Cask, 1sr fill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 233b) (me): nose: flowers alongside an undistinguishable fruit. Mouth: a bit shambolic, yet it still holds water, somehow. Perhaps a bit young is all. Finish: lively as hell, with herbs (verbena). JS finds it buttery. It is too young for me and certainly not the best Longmorn the Society has ever bottled. 6/10

36.77 17yo d.1996 Wee secrets of flavour (59.1%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Barrel, 218b) (JS): nose: pear compote with just one acidic apple in the mix. Vanilla also emerges after a while. Mouth: punchy and spicy, fiery, even, as well as fruity. Finish. a strange combination of cut apple and tobacco. It works. 7/10

Great session, pleasant times.
Even some undistilled beer

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