28 July 2014

26/07/2014 Whiskaholics anonymous

Dear reader, are you wondering why I cut out faces from my pictures and why I do not disclose real names unless they are already public elsewhere? Easy: I never ask permission to take pictures or upload them. Some of my friend do not want to appear online, so everyone gets the same treatment. Ha! Now that has been cleared up, let us have a couple of anonymous drams -- drams from undisclosed distilleries, that is.

Mar Lodge 12yo 43%: nose: strong nose that gives scents of marmalade, stone fruits (peach, nectarines) and quince. It could very well be a quince-jelly croissant, as there is some bakery quality to it. In any case, I like it. In the back of the nose, dust and cardboard, which suggests it is a rather old bottling. White-plum waffle is the last thing that emerges. Mouth: medium body, more marmalade, then honey. The whole is well balanced and quite pleasant indeed. Finish: slightly bitter, with more notes of jam and marmalade, as well as old books, now. A pinch of tarragon too. Orange becomes prominent after a while. Not a spectacular malt by any means, yet an agreeable dram. My guess is it is from Speyside.

Old Man Of Hoy 10yo C#2003/HO8 55%: let us overlook the fact Mr. Tucek misspelt my name (it is Huy, not Hoy). This one is easier to guess, or at least to narrow down: only two active distilleries on Orkney; the cask number hints at the most famous too. Let us see... Nose: yes, it is a HP. Drying meat, mild peat smoke, yet instead of the traditional heather, this one reeks of forsythia branches on a fire. It gains some freshness from breathing a bit, but it never becomes tame, this one! Mouth: hot and spicy, though velvety at the same time -- sweet, even. Did I pour myself some souped-up Kashmir curry paste by mistake? Honey, sliced almonds and crushed cardamom pods. Finish: hot again, with ash, embers, spent garden fire, peat smoke and that honey again with an additional pinch of cardamom. A rather fiery HP, really. Wild and uncompromising. So wild I did not even think to add water. :-/

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