15 September 2014

14/09/2014 One solitary dram

Fixou gave me this sample so long ago I cannot remember when -- arguably, that is because my memory is not so good anymore, as it cannot be much longer than a year ago.
I am rather excited, since I do not get to taste Glen Elgin very often (if you read this blog frequently, you will know that, of course), and even more rarely at this age. Besides, Fixou pimped it up rather relentlessly, raising my expectations. A dangerous thing to do, though that is a separate discussion. Let us get cracking, shall we?

Glen Elgin 31yo 1975/2007 (46%, BBr Berrys' Own Selection, C#5167+5170): nose: my! this reeks of nobility! Saddles and leather boots after a day hunting in the woods and fields. In other words, leather, mud, grass and cow dung alongside a touch of wood. Perhaps it is as close to a peasant's clogs, after all. With breathing, this give away wood fire, logs for the fire in a humid cabin -- this is amazing, actually! It ends up properly earthy, almost ashy. Mouth: oily to the max, with a vaguely bitter note of dryish white wine. Add a dash of black pepper and shy elderberry to that. It is lively and balanced. Finish: very earthy again, warming and soothing. This is one for base camp, after a grand day out, hiking. It even delivers some wax to remind me of candles at the bivouac.
This is the best Elgin I have had the pleasure to taste, or at least, my favourite (and I did try a Manager's Dram sherried expression a while ago). I dare say it is not too far from a Brora. It deserves a rating somewhere between 8 and 9 -- I think I will go with 9/10. There is still enough to revise my judgement another day. (Thanks Fixou for the sample)

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