30 September 2014

30/09/2014 Blitz at Berrys' #9

My latest visit is so fresh in my memory, it seems like yesterday. Ahem. *cough*

Glen Garioch 23yo 1990/2014 (56.1%, BBr Selected By Berrys', C#7939): this one was nowhere to be found yesterday, but it is here today. Herbs, a subtle note of tropical fruit (it unfortunately fades away promptly), burnt thyme in the aftertaste, as well as oak. A tad drying, yet better than yesterday's 1990. 8/10

Allt A Bhainne (55.1%, BBr Selected By Berrys', C#177624): barley, low-quality chocolate pudding (low cocoa percentage), crayons and herbs. I do not find it as impressive as yesterday. Downgraded. 7/10

Glengoyne 13yo 2000/2014 (46%, BBr Selected By Berrys', C#1073): meat, paint thinner, prunes, OXO broth, and a weird bitterness, close to grape seeds. Interesting, not my profile. 5/10

Blue Hanger 11th (45.6%, BBr Selected By Berrys'): smoke, greengages, cured meat and a finish bringing roasted hazelnut. Pleasant. 6/10

Nicaraguayan Rum 11yo (46%, BBr Selected By Berrys'): sweet and syrupy, maple syrup. Very nice. A whisky drinker's rum.

Bunnahabhain 26yo 1987/2014 (49.8%, BBr Selected By Berrys', C#2451): again, just to confirm yesterday's impression. Sweaty feet, confined air -- that smell one gets at 6am, upon entering a closed compartment on an overnight train, in which people have been sleeping. That quickly makes room for marzipan, toffee, oak and stewed prunes. Lovely Bunna, still. 8/10

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