29 September 2015

25/09/2015 A few drams in France

Visiting friends in Frenchland. What a great opportunity to try new things, eh?

CT, JS and myself.

$57.99, yay!
Edradour 20yo 1965/1985 (82° PROOF, Cadenhead): this one was opened earlier this year for the 50th birthday of its owner. Everyone attending hated it with a passion. Nose: soap and tons of herbs. It also has cold coal. This is full of ash and fat, exactly what one finds in a soap factory. Mouth: carbolic soap, ash, even. This is most peculiar. I can understand why it was such a miss when it was first tasted, as I imagine it is a bit of an acquired taste! I kind of like it myself. :-) Finish: woah! Soap ahoy! Extremely odd, teeming with soap and ash. Loaves of soap. Very interesting. 6/10

VAT 69 (unknown ABV, unknown era): CT knows how to pull out unlikely stuff. Nose: something peachy in there. JS finds butter and popcorn, melted butter and a hint of apricot juice. Mouth: this seems watery, though it builds up to reveal a bit of smoke. Finish: same sort of things with fruit and smoke, balanced and pleasant. I like. 7/10

Jameson (43° GAY LUSSAC, b.1970s): nose: seal wax, old cardboard boxes, ink, pencil lead, even. Light years away from the current bottlings. Mouth: same sort, tame in alcohol, with notes of pencil lead, ink and old parchments. Finish: long and sticky, pencil sharpener, ink, phone diaries -- that sort of things. Another well interesting dram! 7/10

I have come PREPARED!

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