30 September 2015

30/09/2015 Blitz at Berrys' #10

You know the score. Whisky Show at the weekend, Berrys' very near, why waste the staff's time over the weekend when a portion of what they offer is available already?

New staff and very little change on the shelves, really. Nothing from 2015, most from 2014, with a few bottlings from 2013, still. Unexpected, yet that will help keep this session brief. And the notes.

Westport 18yo 1996/2014 (56.7%, BBR Selected by Berrys', C#2503): plum eau-de-vie immediately jumps at me, followed by gentle citrus. Finish is long and lukewarm. Easy and inoffensive, like a typical Glenmor@ngie can be (this is the Tain distillery, teaspooned with Glen Moray, if you are not aware). 7/10

Tomatin 20yo 1994/2014 (51%, BBR Selected by Berrys', C#6393): crisp green apple, soon followed by white chocolate. The label talks about "a smokey edge." Now they say so, I can see where that is coming from. I will challenge anyone to detect smoke without reading the notes prior, though. 7/10

Blair Athol 22yo 1991/2014 (46%, BBR Selected by Berrys', C#7279): this one comes recommended by the vendor. I have to admit it is not something I would have picked up myself. Lemon balm and fruit -- the label is right about green melon. It is creamy and fruity, light, delicate, with very well-integrated alcohol (cut to 46%). It might be the second best Blair Athol I have drunk (the RMS is still the first). 8/10

Auchentoshan 21yo 1992/2014 (46%, BBR Selected by Berrys', C#7757/8): another novelty: this one is not single cask. I believe it is a first, or at least it has not been seen in a long time. After an initial herbaceous impression, I identify an amazing note of tzatziki, shouting into the nostrils. Diced cucumber and fresh yoghurt. Oh! That and lemongrass. Odd to say the least. The latest Auchentoshan BBR released was a cascade of violet. This one is tzatziki. What next? Caviar? Tarama? Cuberdons? 8/10

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