29 June 2017

28/06/2017 July outturn at Cadenhead's

It is the day. Or it was supposed to be, at least. The delivery arrived six hours late and the shindig is cancelled. The announcement was made on Bookface. Drat. I am not on Bookface. By the looks of it, a couple more are not either, as I am not the only one at the shop, tonight.
Although the event is not taking place, the manager kindly allows me to try a couple of things, since I came from far away.

(Paul) John 5yo 2011/2017 (57.4%, Cadenhead World Whiskies 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 360b): that's right, this is a Cadenhead bottling of an Indian whisky. Nose: fruity bubblegum, gummy bears, hint of dried green wood. Mouth: vinegar-y, with bullrush and grapevine. Finish: warm and engaging, with a brandy-like heat. Woah! The nose is worth more, but the whole is 7/10

Dalmore 25yo 1992/2017 (59%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection 175th Anniversary, Bourbon Hogshead, 270b): nose: rubber and cured meat, with an added touch of white-wine vinegar. Mouth: sweet and gently acidic, like red sour belts. Finish: long, sweet, with more red sour belts. 7/10

Glenrothes-Glenlivet 19yo 1997/2017 (58.7%, Cadenhead Sherry Cask 175th Anniversary, Sherry Butt, 528b): nose: rancid butter, then vinegar. Mouth: soft, it rolls on the tongue, with a buttery texture and the sweetness of caramel. Finish: buttery and caramel-y. This is not my thing. 5/10

Distillerie Charpentier 30yo b.2017 (55.3%, Cadenhead 175th Anniversary, 252b): this is a Cognac, as per picture. Nose: sweet, it has candyfloss and, generally, a chemical-smelling sweetness -- sweets with colouring in them. Hints of ash too. Mouth: mellow, with green-grape purée, crisp-apple compote. Finish: again, mellow, sweet, grape-y, noble-eau-de-vie-like. Nice. Will not turn me into a Cognac drinker, though. 7/10

Mortlach 13yo 2003/2017 (55.1%, Cadenhead Sherry Cask 175th Anniversary, Finished in 1st Fill Sherry Cask since December 2014, 306b): nose: barley, then varnish and bubblegum, then a farm yard in the sun. Mouth: hot and sticky, not unlike chilli on a warm piece of cake. Finish: numbing, with chilli on hot cake. Nice, this. 7/10

Speyburn-Glenlivet 16yo 2001/2017 (53.3%, Cadenhead Sherry Cask 175th Anniversary, Sherry Butt, 438b): nose: nail varnish, more candyfloss, then leather and flowers. Mouth: warm, with leather and burnt caramel. Finish: long, it has burnt caramel and strawberry milkshake. My favourite of the lot, this one. Tonight, at least. 8/10

Benromach 35yo (43%, OB, 800b): this is from a sample, so unsure whether it is the 2015 bottling, or a new incarnation. Nose: super fruity, with strawberry, raspberry and wax. Mouth: gentle wax, lukewarm and soft. Waxy apricot, caramelised compote. Finish: hot wax (for the vinyl junkies), warm apricot compote and a touch of distant smoke. Fantastic drop, this! 9/10

Ended up a lot longer than planned. Thanks to the staff for letting me try those, despite the mishaps, during the day.

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