10 October 2013

06/10/2013 The Whisky Show 2013 (Day 2 -- Part 1)

The story starts the previous day, here.

All aboard the WExEx!

As last year, virtually no queueing on Sunday. The event is sold out, many foreigners have taken Monday off to stay here longer, but it is less hectic and more relaxed inside all the same.

Signatory Vintage is our first port of call again.

The exclusive bottlings' looks
Balmenach 25yo 1988/2013 (55.6%, SV for TWE, Hogshead, C#1132, 187b): a TWE exclusive (there are a few of them on this stand). Nose: bakery and toast. Mouth: crème brûlée, burnt cake. Finish: lots of caramel and burnt toast. 7/10

To the other room for the Whisky Show bottlings.

The Connellivet - 74-74
Glenlivet 39yo 1973/2013 (55.1%, BBr for TWE, C#8211): nose: nuts and marzipan. Mouth: mellow and rich with a touch of spice. Finish: long and warming, but also bitter almond skins.

Compass Box is right next to this stand.

Delilah's b.2013 (40%, Compass Box): this one came out this week and is bottled to celebrate a punk rock bar in Chicago. Debbie Harry's picture on the label and all. Nose: grain whisky with lots of water in it. Odd. Mouth: superbly smooth and still watery, vanilla pudding. Finish: extremely easy. Very nice, but certainly too smooth for a punk-rock bar! 6/10

Call me!
Tormore 25yo 1988/2013 (64.2%, SD Single Malts of Scotland, ex-Bourbon Barrel, C#603, 194b): nose: a lot wider, this, with blackcurrant jam and some wood. Mouth: unripe and slightly acidic fruit, redcurrant. Finish: still stings a bit, with dark fruit jam.

I notice the spittoons pretty much disappeared and the few that are here are completely ignored, today. The bins become the default receptacle for unwanted whisky.

Still in the same spot, the Glenfarclas stand is next on my path. I try my luck to get the 1953, but of course, they will only pour it for five dream-dram tokens, which we are not prepared to part with.

Glenfarclas 30yo (43%, OB, b. ca 2013): nose: quite neutral, in fact. Some flowers and fruit. Mouth: very watery, with some distant fruit. Finish: the strong point of this dram -- pears and diluted fruit juice. Indistinct, though. It clearly lacks character for me. 6/10

Glenfarclas 40yo (46%, OB, b. ca 2013): nose: pears and hazelnuts roasted in butter (I have a soft spot for that). Mouth: more assertive than the 30, but still too tame or subtle for these circumstances. Finish: more pears, hazelnuts and butter. This one is good, but does not have much legs to stand on. Way too subtle, in my opinion.

I'm the object of all your desire
And your dram token is all I require
We change room so dom666 can fall for the Jura waitress.
Hunter Laing.

Clynelish 15yo 1997/2013 (50%, HL Old Malt Cask 50º, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, C#HL9881315b): nose: wax, a little tobacco, cantaloupe, lemon (dom666). Mouth: mellow and pleasant, candle wax and beeswax. Finish: long, coating, lovely honey and beeswax-coated melon. Wow! 8/10

Douglas Laing.

Blair Athol 20yo 1993/2013 (51.5%, DL Old Particular, Refill ex-Sherry Butt, C#DL9908, 477b): nose: molasses, game, cured meat -- big on sherry, this. Scent of flowers, soaked in stagnating water. Mouth: edgy and drying. Finish: wood, then OXO broth. It is not overpowering but it is there. Drying dram, though JS finds it not bad athol. :-) 6/10

Some Balmenach: nose: I forget to take notes. Mouth: smooth with some pine-needle acidity. Finish: unbalanced -- acidic and milky, but not too agreeable.

Auchentoshan 15yo 1997/2013 (48.4%, DL Old Particular, Refill Hogshead, C#DL9971, 336b): dom666 wants to try this one so he can wind up Psycho who loves that distillery. Nose: a strange mixture of cologne, pine tree and pudding. Mouth: smooth and easy, with butterscotch and custard. Finish: vanilla pudding with a twist... and a bit of washing-up detergent (JS). 7/10

The end of this year's story here.

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