28 October 2013

27/10/2013 Clearing the shelf #2

Mac NaMara (40%, Pràban na Linne, b. ca 2010): nose: caramelised, baked apples and a tiny whiff of smoke. Grandma baking an apple tart, while Grandpa is reading an old book in front of the fireplace. The percolator is slowly filling up the coffee pot too. Mouth: more of that warm fireplace sensation. It is not too assertive, mind. Coffee-flavoured chocolate emerges. Finish: Grandma's tart is in the oven, she joins Grandpa in the sofa for a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. An excellent blend indeed!

Tobermory 10 (40%, OB): nose: cut pears, cold, green tea, perhaps. This is quite herbal, in any case. Slightly metallic, even -- verbena, sage. Mouth: light, nearly watery. Some hay, fudge. Finish: toffee, now, as well as dark chocolate with a mocha touch. Another one of those straightforward, yet honest drams. Simple pleasure.

Littlemill 24yo 1988/2012 (54.2%, The Whiskyman Sympathy for the Whisky, 159b): was not too crazy about this one the first time I had it. Nose: right, what have we got here? Lots of nearly-burnt crumble and crusty apple sponge cake. It then opens up on decaying apples, Merbromin and even some smoke, though probably more steaming coffee than camp fire. Caramelised blueberry muffins in a shoemaker's workshop -- that is to say there is varnish in the back of the nose. Mouth: soft and sweet, ripe, juicy conference pears and sugar-cane juice before the varnish makes a comeback. It is not invading, however. Finish: a roller-coaster, this. It runs from sweet to bitter, from fruit to hiking boots. Decaying apples, a little cold mocha and papaya. 1988 Littlemill can be a bit all over the place, in my experience (remember the BBr?), which can be interesting if kept under control. This one is a bit messy, though (thanks mars for the sample). 6/10

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