23 October 2013

22/10/2013 Clearing the shelf #1

Need empty samples and need shelf space. Time to make some room.

Imperial 1991/2008 (43%, GMP): nose: shy, with porridge, vanilla, coconut and butter (body butter?) The back is reminiscent of lime-and-rosemary-marinated, roasted chicken, though, again, it is subtle. Mouth: lime and rosemary indeed, including the herb's bitterness. It remains relatively round, however -- with quite some oxidation, that is: upon opening the bottle, it was a lot more bitter. Finish: warming and soothing, though with a medicinal note that will not appeal to everyone. Herbaceous custard augmented with very young brandy to give it a vulnerary feel. Simple, yet honest.

Midleton 20yo 1991/2012 (54.1%, OB for TWE, C#48750): nose: a mixture of oak goodness (furniture polish, toasted coconut, custard cream, pencils) and fruit (elderberry, peach and tropical fruits), as well as coconut cream. Can't go wrong with that! Mouth: discreet at first sampling. Very smooth, almost satin-like, before freshly-ground black pepper comes round it off. Finish: proper party in the mouth! Pepper, then a wicker basket of tropical fruits on a wooden buffet (papaya, guava, kiwi, a tiny bit of passion fruit and even canary melon). Yes, bags of overripe fruits balancing just on the right side of the tipping point with hiking-boots territory. 9/10

Ledaig 1990/2006 (43%, GMP Connoisseurs Choice): nose: dark chocolate, overripe (decaying?) dark fruit, maraschino cherries, fermenting elderberry broth (no, not Bros!) A vague smell of swimming pool (that'll be chlorine and bleach in overheated changing rooms), rotting pears and nail varnish. Mouth: the low ABV is a disadvantage after the Irish, of course. Cooled-down hot chocolate, a dash of cinnamon, Nesquik. The whole is really smooth, despite a little spice (Jamaican pepper). Finish: not exactly big at 43%, but rather long all the same. Milk chocolate, fermenting pears, prunes. Pleasant, if not off-the-scale good.

Three down, many to go.

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