3 November 2016

1/11/2016 Day of the Dead drams

Let us finish off what we started yesterday.

Scapa 22yo 1991/2013 (57.1%, Iain McKillop McKillop's Choice, Bourbon Cask, C#1211): nose: fresh pineapple slices, apricot jam and a hefty dose of alcohol. There might be hot custard somewhere, yet in that case, it is augmented with a generous splash of rum. Yellow flowers appear. Mouth: punch, apricot compote, punctuated with rum, black pepper and wood bitterness (old, noble wood, to be sure; none of that young greenery). Finish: bold and explosive, with ground pepper off the mill, hot custard, a hint of caramel and, again, the bitterness of seasoned and dry wood. 7/10

Might as well go on, now.

Imperial 23yo 1990/2013 (57.9%, Hunter Laing Old & Rare A Platinum Selection, Sherry Butt, 302b): nose: wood stain, a thick game sauce, with fortified wine and herbs (tarragon), yet also Brussels sprouts. Wax seals, purple grape liquorice laces sweets (adc), drying earth. Mouth: fortified wine again -- the sherry is present alright. Nail varnish, crushed cloves, black cardamom, raisins, elderberry, sun-dried goji berry (adc). It is unctuous. Finish: bold, it has  nail varnish and raisins, dried berries of all sorts (goji berry, says adc) and a gentle citrus note. This has PX written all over it. Ample, syrupy, complex and, well, good. 9/10 (thanks LM for the sample)

North of Scotland 41yo 1970/2012 (47.1%, Finest Whisky Geburtstagedition, 50 Jahre Uwe, C#5, 234b): nose: entering a carpenter's workshop, in which wood is drying, after having been varnished. Mind you, it could also be a shoemaker's workshop, as the scent is close to that of shoe glue. Quince, stone-fruit juice, with the stone soaking in the juice, baking pastry and a whiff of smoke from the kitchen (caramelised turnovers). adc reckons barbecue, or a wood-fired oven. At last, coconutty yogurt shows up too, with... sea air!?!?!?!?!??!? Mouth: syrupy and coating, it has thick, dark marmalade, candied tangerines (adc), all kinds of old-school, boiled sweets, fruit turnovers, teeming with fruit jam and crystallised citrus. Finish: it seems non-existent for a second, then citrus-y sweets shine through. Nail varnish, shoemaker's glue, hot, peppery custard. Coconut cream follows suit, Madagascar vanilla and Greek yogurt. Wonderful old grain, this. 9/10

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