7 November 2016

05/11/2016 Banffire Night 2016

Second edition of what I intend to make a tradition. Not sure how many times we can do this before Banff runs out, yet we should be good for a handful of years.

Banff 23yo 1976/2000 (55.5%, SV, C#2249, 268b): this one is not a total stranger: we had it for Burns Night, earlier this year. But hey, it deserves its own entry. Nose: the most bizarre mix of gherkins in brine, apricot jam and an evening around the fireplace, surrounded by baskets containing the day's harvest: apples, walnuts, pears. Believe it or not, there is also mustard, drying corks, mashed potatoes. Is it sweet? Is it salty? It is a bit of both! Dark, rich forest floor, leek soup, vegetable stock -- will this ever stop evolving? Even gunpowder makes a late appearance; topical is it not? The fireworks are raging, outside. Farmyard scents also emerge. My head is going to explode with all that complexity. Mouth: the dance continues: Dijon mustard, gherkins in brine again, chilli powder, lemon marmalade, yet also black cumin seeds, nigella seeds (who said: seedy Nigella?), ... wait! mussels? Yes. Mussels and chutney. And it works a treat too! Finish: big, bold and powerful, as well as beautifully balanced. Pepper, mustard, marmalade, smokey apple compote, perhaps a note of cork, or fruit stone. JS finds it green and plant-y or herbaceous; I find it spicy, mustard-y, peppery, pumped up with chilli powder. A great Banff. Not quite sure there is another kind, mind you. 9/10

Roll on next year! :-)

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