3 November 2016

31/10/2016 Three drams for Hallowe'en

Any excuse and adc is in town.

Tyrconnell 10yo (46%, ON, Madeira Finish, b. ca 2010): nose: wonderful notes of syrupy liqueur (Madeira, innit), a hint of nail polish or paint thinner, caramelised, roasted chestnuts on a winter market, hot candle wax, seal wax and perhaps hot peach compote. Later on, honey and waxy fruit shout louder and louder. Doughnuts too? Mouth: nuts, liqueur, nut liqueur; it is round and mellow, warming. Caramelised chestnuts again, a sprinkle of ground green pepper and soft chocolate spread. Finish: nut liqueur, chocolate-glazed Brazil nuts, chocolate-coated raspberries. This is wonderful! Probably my favourite Madeira finish ever, beating the Penderyn and even the mighty Glenmorangie. 8/10

Knockdhu d.1974 (40%, Captain Burn's Selection imported by Ryst-Dupeyron): this should be pretty safe... Nose: macerated wood (adc), old bookshelves, filled with faded, dusty books, gherkin in brine. Sea air? Well, close enough: it is the cap of a navy officer, battered by the fresh and salty winds, discoloured by the sun, and drying sweat. It evolves to disclose dark, spongy forest floor, then finishes with tanned leather and cured meat in a wine sauce. Mouth: salty indeed, it displays more brine and sea spray, whilst gherkins turn into an unctuous fruit compote. Later on, thick wine sauce notes wrap the whole thing. Finish: a little bit of all of the above, though it is soon eclipsed by powerful, dark cherry. As unexpected as it is good! Soaked cork, old staves and a damp wine cellar. Great surprise, this! 8/10

Supper is ready, we will finish tomorrow.

Safe, mate.

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