18 December 2015

17/12/2015 Clearing the shelf #7

A few half-drunk samples need to make room before they go bad.

Glen Albyn 26yo 1975/2002 (54.8%, OB Rare malts Selection, 6000b): long time since we had this. Over two years, it seems. Nose: a wonderful cocktail of moss, damp wood, wax, autumn flowers and just the right amount of horse's sweat. Enticing! If one like horses, that is. I do. Wood varnish or glue appears, timid at first, then more pronounced. Jam tart soon emerges, quince jam, overly-ripe blood orange, and still that comforting horse sweat. Mouth: an infusion of flowers, beeswax, before spices start growing. Hot paprika, allspice, ground coriander -- never over the top. Nutmeg and sawdust too, with even a gentletouch of fruit. Dried citrus peel, perhaps. Finish: warm and drying, at this point, with more wood dust or wood shavings, ground pepper, nutmeg and smoked paprika. I guess it means that this whisky has a little smoke, yet it remains very subtle. The jam tart from the nose is here too; it was baked in a woodfire oven and is slightly caramelised on the top. Beautiful Rare Malt, this! 8/10 (thanks pat gva for the sample)

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