29 December 2015

24/12/2015 Christmas Eve drams

Pretty self explanatory, would you not say?

Tomatin 25yo 1989/2015 (51.9%, Cadenhead's Authentic Collection, Bourbon Hogshead, 204b): nose: some alcohol, some grapes -- it is really rather discreet, believe it or not. Some fruit comes out after several minutes (pears) and nail varnish, alongside walnut flesh. With water, it becomes rhubarb tart or compote. Mouth: lively and peppery, spicy, with hot chilli and a light bitterness. Water gives it a bakery feel, not unlike apricot turnover. Finish: milk chocolate first, then some fruit, mostly unripe. It is a bit green, this. With water, it becomes more mello, with notes of apricot turnover again. Alright; I cannot say I am very impressed. 6/10 (thanks SW for the sample)

Old Man of Hoy 12yo (43%, Blackadder, C#2001/H05 385-R-OM-43 / 343-R-OM): all that gibberish hints at a Highland Park bottled in 2001, does it not? Nose: leather, liquorice, oxtail broth, earth, gravel under the rain (adc) and even some sulphur, after a minute. Mouth: consistent with the nose -- liquorice and dry earth. It has the zing of liquorice allsorts, or those black, flat-cable-shaped sweets, while remaining gentle and smooth, with a hint of blackcurrant and prunes. Finish: more oxtail broth with lots and lots of liquorice and stewed prunes. 6/10 (thanks adc for the dram)

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