21 December 2015

20/12/2015 Clearing the shelf #8

76.123 27yo d.1987 Warm, joyous and gratifying (52.2%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 214b): leftover sample from the October tasting. Nose: warm apple pie, candle wax and a good dose of spices. It further develops to reveal waxy cork stoppers and crayons. Not really any meat to speak of (a traditional marker of this distillery), though if anything, it would be blood sausage with raisins. (a typical Christmas delicacy). It becomes waxier and waxier, with notes of plums in syrup and the very faintest hint of wood fire, in the back. Mouth: feel the heat! Chilli pepper, hot paprika, ginger and hot wax (no, not the latest vinyl releases!) This is assertive without being arrogant. The spiciness is balanced by waxy fruit -- apricot and plum again. Finish: green chilli, kaffir lime leaves, then it oscillates between wax, fruit (unripe plums), and the bitterness of green-plant sap, almost metallic -- sage- and oregano-like. It eventually dies out with a note of milk chocolate (though it is bitter as dark) and green tea. This is alright, I suppose, yet the finish is too bitter for me to like it too much. 7/10

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