29 December 2015

25/12/2015 Christmas drams

Inspiration hit me, this week.

Dailuaine 23yo (46%, Cadenhead): nose: dusty orange juice, in pure old-miniature tradition. Musty warehouses, quince jelly and some vinegar. After a few sniffs, distant OXO broth appears, then it is peppery rocket leaves and ground peach stones, fresh herbs (oregano? mint?) and old tins full of coins, as well as... tulips! Later on, smoked ham also shows up. My, what a ride! Mouth: starts out mellow, then gives out a metallic note. This one has an unsuspected strength. Mild coffee? Tea? Sage infusion? We will settle for milky tea or chai, with a few tulpi petals. Finish: more metallic notes: old coins and a dusty toolbox. It has quite a bit of white pepper and a bitter aftertaste: plant juice, or, well, old coins again -- slightly oxidized coppers, that is, not golden doubloons. Complex and ever-evolving, this one requires time. It does reward the patient taster, however! 8/10

9.72 17yo d.1996 Lockets Honey and Lemon Lozenges (62.7%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 272b): nose: citronella, lemon curd, sweets, lemon-flavoured pastry, Biscuits à la Cuiller, then cough drops (that'll be lozenges, I suppose), and even plasticine. I cannot remember ever nosing such a nice Glen Grant! Well, GMP's at this year's Whisky Show, probably, though in a completely different style. Coconut cream shows up, then it becomes vaguely animal, at some point, though never invadingly so. Mouth: mellow for 62.7%. It becomes warm alright, never too much is all. Verbena timidly walks into the picture, with custard, "cocoghurt" and a touch of lemon juice, or zest. Chocolate milk (Nesquik style) with lots of milk. It is silky as satin, astonishingly. Finish: Oh yes! Gently warming, with comforting custard, coconut cream, curd, a twist of the black-pepper mill. This one tingles and sparkles beautifully. It never feels like a modern malt either, interestingly enough. 8/10 (thanks JMcG for the sample)

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