31 May 2017

25/05/2017 Campbeltown Festival 2017 (Day 2 -- Part 2) Three Auchroisk

After the geeky tasting, we have a bit of time. JS has a warehouse tasting in an hour or so. MS and I are free until later.

The bar is supposed to be good, but I will never have a chance to explore
Same for the food and merchandise stalls

We tag along to a free visit of the Springbank distillery. It is much less geeky, yet enjoyable. The moment we are shown the huge computer is priceless.

The malting floor.
All of Springbank's malting is done on site

The peat furnace

This sophisticated computer tells you if
a barley store is full or empty. It never fails

The Porteus mill

The cast-iron mashtun

Three stills

A dunnage warehouse and its lovely smell

JS goes to her tasting, whilst MS and I go back to the hotel for drams. Because, let us face it, when you attend a whisky festival, it is always safer to bring your own bottles.

Auchroisk 27yo 1988/2016 (48.6%, Cadenhead, Bourbon Hogshead): nose: firstly, it is citrus, then dry hay comes out, then warm porridge, sprinkled with honey. Wood shavings, grape juice, perhaps some yogurt too? Not really -- it is closer to plant sap, though not quite as bitter. Warm chalk, plasticine. Yes, plasticine. MS thinks it smells of courgette and swimming pool (chlorine). Mouth: plasticine and hay in water. Despite the modest ABV, this feels rather powerful. It has an unctuous texture, yet it retains a green touch (unripe plant), which will prevent it from scoring higher, I fear. Finish: wow! A small explosion of gentle fruit (peach and apple juice), with just enough coconut and tropical fruit (yup) to make it even more interesting. Love this. 8/10

Auchroisk 27yo 1989/2016 (57.3%, Cadenhead Club, Sherry Cask, 360b): nose: much dryer than the previous, with red-wine tannins, then plantain and a whiff of dunnage warehouse. Mouth: soft, mellow, with re-hydrated dried fruit, this time -- dried plums, and apricots, soaked sultanas, soaked prunes. Finish: rich, full of dried fruits, refined chocolate, peach nectar. It is mellow and creamy. The Italians say it best with 'morbido.' It is exactly that. Lovely, richer than its sibling, but the tropical fruit of the Bourbon cask appeal to me more. 8/10

Auchroisk 25yo b.2016 (51.2%, OB Limited Edition, American & European Oak Casks, 3954b, b#340): this is a leftover from the Special Release tasting, earlier this year. Nose: dryer, still, and woodier. It has flowers and a hint of ginger powder, spicy coconut yogurt, wood dust and round peach stone. Mouth: good balance of woody tones (coconut) and spices (ginger, galangal). Slightly drying, though mostly great. Finish: lovely fruitiness (unripe green grapes), green wood, pressed sultanas and a touch of vanilla. Lovely drop, this. 8/10

The next adventure is here.

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