9 May 2017

6/05/2017 May outturn at the SMWS

Although I have visited a few times since the latest article, I have clearly not been as regular in my SMWS outturn reviews, coming for a few drinks with friends, rather than analysing what was in my glass. Ah, well. This month, I am here.
The bottles, not so much. There was a mix-up with the printing of the labels, I am told, and only six bottles are therefore released, this month. To make up for that low number, another ten or so were supplied a few days later, from other outturns, or ones that came out outside any outturn.

46.45 23yo d.1992 A two-way street (52.7%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 240b): nose: plant sap in sizzling butter. It is green and strong. Mouth: yes, green, zesty, with citrus taking over (mandarin peels, grapefruit). Finish: bitter-sweet, with sweetened grapefruit juice. The nose is disappointing, whereas the finish makes up for it. Very nice. 7/10

7.128 30yo d.1985 A sonata of sapidity (54%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill ex-Bourbon Hogshead, 72b): an old 7 that I have never seen before. Have to try it! Nose: wow. Caramel-coated rose petals spring to mind immediately, then marzipan. Water makes it more citrus-y. Mouth: warming, it tickles the tongue with sriracha sauce. With water, this turns sweeter, with notes of squashed mandarins and apricot crumble (adc). Finish: custard and fruit -- tropical fruit, to be precise: mango and jackfruit, in particular. Also a few leaves, as well as a bite of milk chocolate. With water, it becomes more warming and gives a kick of passion fruit. Lovely! 9/10

Switching to a label where what stands out
the most is the age seems to bring little benefit
35.185 22yo d.1994 Frightfully delightful (57.5%, SMWS Society Cask, 1st Fill Toasted Oak Hogshead, 242b): nose: behind shortbread, there is a leafy note -- ivy or sage. Custard Cream biscuits emerge, rubber (pencil eraser), and quite a bit of butter. Mouth: soft, gently mellow, honey-like, with a heat growing, nonetheless, yet it never becomes uncomfortable. Finish: minty, metallic, it has sage, a coriander-leaf freshness and lovely pastry. Nice. 8/10

Unknown Dram: PS gives me this; he does not know what it is: someone left it behind in the tasting room. Nose: dry, coffee-like, slightly rough. Mouth: much softer, though also salty, maritime. Finish: salty and maritime indeed, with seaweed, kelp and the frothiness of the sea. 7/10

29.191 16yo d.1999 Explosion in a granite quarry (59%, SMWS Society Single Cask, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 234b): nose: embers and scorched earth, hot manure, sweaty boot sole (adc), hints of decaying, tropical fruits. Mouth: surprisingly soft, with pillow-like peach flesh, buttercups and growing smoked paprika. Finish: soft, yellow-flesh fruits and coal dust, sweet and burnt. 8/10

Brief, but pleasant.

We had another couple of things (a malt and a grain), but they are not out yet and I was made to promise not to publish notes.
Addendum: now they are out, I can reveal they were 2.98 and G9.2.

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