9 May 2017

8/05/2017 Two Cadenhead drams -- and a third one

Auchroisk 27yo 1989/2016 (57.3%, Cadenhead Club, Sherry Cask, 360b): nose: apricot compote in a fresh doughnut, but also metallic tools, a clean, soapy scent and a subtle, mineral touch (granite or marble). Mouth; fresh and fruity, with apricot compote again, or mandarin jam, and a pinch of herbs (rosemary sprigs, tarragon). The heat grows, though more in an aromatic than smokey way. Finish: fruity here too (apricot), gently herbaceous or metallic, with tarragon and rosemary, perhaps even oregano. 8/10

Bunnahabhain 26yo 1989/2016 (45.9%, Cadenhead Authentic Collection, Bourbon Hogshead, 246b): nose: white wine, peach nectar, polished wood and some herbs -- marjoram, dried sage, fresh tobacco leaves. It then closes down and becomes a mushroom cave, or a photo lab, with all sorts of chemicals and glossy paper. Mouth: bitter marmalade, Seville orange rinds, then peppermint and faded leather. Cashew nuts, Brazil nuts (with skin) are there too. It remains very fresh on the palate. Finish: peppermint, black peppercorns, juniper berries, warm wood, old staves, lichen, oranges turned blue, hoppy beer. Nice, this. 8/10

A third was foreseen in this session, though it is only the following day that I get to try it.

Pulteney 11yo 2006/2017 (56.1%, Cadenhead, Bourbon Hogshead): nose: cinnamon and cloves, thyme infusion, then ground pepper on peeled citrus. Later on, it opens up to reveal quince and Chinese gooseberry. The pepper becomes assertive, not invading. Warm sawdust and hints of white wine. Mouth: lemon-infused custard, herbal infusion, augmented with a slice of lemon indeed. The texture is milky, with a dash of lemon juice. Of the trademark salty air, little is here to be found... until very late. Salt and mild pepper do come out, after all. Finish: lemon, pomelo skin, citrus in general, apple compote, grated ginger, yet also dulce de leche -- it remains milky and soft; almond milk, maybe? It has a gentle bitterness of plant sap and young wine. 8/10 (Thanks adc for the dram)

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